Well Trained Equine Partnerships don't happen overnight.  It takes a lot of time, effort and work on  both the horse and humans part to achieve.

Southern Stockhorse Association

Lumberton NC

Southern Stockhorse Association

Lumberton NC

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Gates Practical Horsemanship and Hoof Care

Training & Farrier care for all breeds

Bert and Angela have been the cornerstones of Gates Practical Horsemanship since 2008. We began providing farrier and hoof care to the CSRA in 2010.  We pride ourselves in being “students of the horse”.  Every horse is different and we work with the horse as an individual for the horse to excel.  In Hoof Care we specialize in draft horses and horses that have difficulty standing for the farrier whether it be a disciplinary problem or a health disorder.  It is all about the horse with us and we endeavor to make farrier care a pleasure for everyone be they human or equine. 



Perfecting Performance One Ride at a Time!